The Bullitt Center: Celebrating 5 years as the World’s Greenest Commercial Building

This Earth Day, the Bullitt Center in Seattle celebrated its fifth anniversary. That may not seem like a huge milestone for many iconic buildings, but at the time of its construction, five years of success was no guarantee.  

Allen Fieldhouse: Proof that Newer Isn’t Always Better

College campuses are always in a state of change, but some things should stay the same. Allen Fieldhouse, the basketball home of the University of Kansas Jayhawks, is a perfect example of why.

Profiles in Building Longevity: Jonathan Wright

Jonathan Wright of Wright Builders in the Boston area has helped build a lasting welcome center to his alma mater, Hampshire College.

A Stunning Post Office Restoration

When most of us think about the post office, we think boring buildings and waiting in lines. The Fort Worth post office inspires local pride.

The Grand Central Stones: Secret Monuments to Building Longevity

In a grand experiment, the architects of Grand Central Terminal built 13 monoliths in a park in the Bronx to test stones for the facade. These monuments still stand today.

Grand Central Terminal: An Icon Restored

It's hard to imagine that as recently as the 1970's Grand Central Terminal was almost destroyed. Today, it's one of the biggest tourist destinations in the United States.

Jehovah’s Witnesses’ Watchtower Sales Revitalize Brooklyn Neighborhood

For decades, as New York commuters traveled southeast on the Brooklyn Bridge after work, a large red sign flickered to life as twilight neared. Together, the 15-foot-tall LED letters formed the word “WATCHTOWER,” a sign as synonymous with Brooklyn as the Hollywood sign is to its hometown. It was the most visible feature of the Jehovah's Witnesses headquarters, a sprawling complex that occupied nearly 40 buildings and properties in the Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO (Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass) neighborhoods of New York City’s most populous borough.

Incredible Makeovers For Decaying Buildings

Buildings never need to be torn down. These five old, ignored buildings that were given stunning second lives.

Hampshire College Defies Amenities Arms Race with R.W. Kern Center

In higher education, there is an “amenities arms race” to attract new students. But, one college is bucking the trend.